Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A



Here is an example of tranquil natural abstract art.  To me it is an important image, one of a pair.  I value the concept of stillness.  Stillness has an immensity about it.  It is much more than simple inertia.  Instead, for me stillness implies either latency or accomplishment. Something momentous that is about to happen or has already been concluded.  In this case the theme is ‘latency’; something momentous is about to be accomplished.

The image is of Phalaenopsis, taken looking into afternoon sunlight.  Working in this way, I can arrange to have light just catching the edges of petals.  Diffuse light penetrating between petals can then give important, but less intense detail.  

I would have captured the image instinctively and instantaneously.  There must have been something very appealing to me at the sub-conscious level.  My way of working is described in the page ’About Us’

The image is very simple.  There is a declining, enlightened edge.  Intersecting this is a descending, sharply-defined surface. The two combine to form an implied point, giving the image energy. Below this are dark shadows, closed of by a final sharp, enlightened edge  The active elements occupy only a small proportion of the total area.  I prefer things this way.  To me, my subjects are best when they are intense, and not crowded.

I doubt whether the image could be recognised as being of Phalaenopsis.  This illustrates the power of high-magnification photography to transform images of natural forms.  I have discussed such aspects in my issuu article

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I hope you have enjoyed this examination of tranquil natural abstract art.