Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Somewhere There Is Purity

Somewhere There Is Purity

I present this image as an example of Pure Natural Fine Art.  It is a high-magnification image of Phalaenopsis.  The crest of the wave in the middle of the picture seems to be shrieking ‘Purity’.  The background colour, provided by the flower, is also pure.

Everything about the image appears to be natural, which is one of my principal objectives.  Please see –

The central feature, the wave, is, of course the edge of a petal.  You can see that there is nothing smooth about it.  Close-up, the edges of petals are viciously serrated.

Overall, the image suggests that there are waves and flows within the structure of a flower.  I have often found that that is so.  I welcome the idea that flowers encompass waves and flows; that they are restless and are full of energy.  Images obtained at high magnification reveal much that is not apparent in normal vision.

The image doesn’t seem to have any strong compositional features.  The fact that it is structureless may be a help in conveying the sense of energy.

Images which allude to the sea, as this one clearly does, almost always attract my attention.  But in this case there is a dissonance.  We have been conditioned to associate the sea, particularly the foam on the crest of a wave, with purity.  It would be nice if this was actually still the case.  But it  is not; we can no longer associate the sea with the concept of purity.  The sea is an essential life-line but we are destroying it.  If we are to survive we need to stop warming it, acidifying it, and choking it with plastic. 

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