Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Framed Prints

Buying Natural Abstract Art

Capturing Natural Abstract Art is a challenge. Once found and captured it is precious.

I would like any owners of my pictures to feel that they possess something unique and valuable. I would also like them to know that one third of any profit I make goes to an environmental charity.

From any one image I make just one single-edition photography print. I then sign and date it.

As directed by my customers, I mount and frame the signed photography prints to the highest possible standards.  The final output is framed natural photography

The images I offer for sale are all authenticated by the registration scheme run by the Guild Society of Artists.

The aim is to give my prints the same status as paintings.

I am happy to print and frame at a wide range of sizes.

Prices start at £690. This is for a print measuring 18cm by 27cm (7.0 by 10.5 inches), framed and mounted. The external dimensions might be 36cm by 46cm (14 by 18 inches). The price includes postage, packing and insurance.

For larger sizes the details might be:

• for a print measuring 27 cm by 41 cm (10.5 by 16.0 inches) the all-in price would be £1270.

• for a print measuring 41 cm by 61 cm (16.0 by 24.0 inches) the all-in price would be £2330.

• for a print measuring 61cm by 91 cm (24 by 36 inches) the all-in price would be £4300.

You may want to buy digital files instead of framed prints, particularly if you live outside the UK. The price of a digital file will depend on what you are planning to use it for, and of course will not carry printing, mounting, framing or transport costs; please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Most of my images are available at sizes up to 5400 x 3600 pixels.

Absolutely stunning nature abstract art prints that captures our mystic nature in all its glory available for you to buy at Whether you like it for your space or you need it for your website, we provide the best single-edition photographic prints taken by some of the most professional photographers here. Get nature and fine art prints that will blow your mind away. Appreciate the true beauty with our prints.

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