Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Key To the Galleries

I have not labeled the pictures in the Galleries; firstly because I would like viewers to decide for themselves what the images might be, or might mean; secondly because I think that titles are a distraction. So the images are identified below.

In the Galleries pictures are numbered from top to bottom of each column in turn, starting on the left.


1.1 Through Flowery Meadows . . (Geranium Pratense)

1.2 In Flight (Dendrobium)

1.3 Carmine Twist (Dendrobium)

1.4 Magic Mountain Morning (Phalaenopsis)

1.5 Dawn in the Mountains (Phalaenopsis)

1.6 Inspiration (Phalaenopsis)

1.7 Welcome! (Phalaenopsis)

1.8 Evening in the Mountains (Phalaenopsis)

1.9 Twisted Pillar ((Dendrobium)

1.10 Twilight of the Gods ((Phalaenopsis)

1.11 The Hummingbird (Phalaenopsis)

1.12 Dawn on a Distant Hillside (Phalaenopsis)

1.13 Morning in the Mountains (Phalaenopsis)

1.14 Predator (Dendrobium)


2.1 Indecision (Dendrobium)

2.2 Autumn Leaves (Dendrobium)

2.3 Scarlet Abstract (Dendrobium)

2.4 Misty Abstract (Dendrobium)

2.5 Confusion (Dendrobium)

2.6 Intruding Light (Phalaenopsis)

2.7 The Secret (Phalaenopsis)

2.8 Soft Curves (Phalaenopsis)

2.9 One Knee (Phalaenopsis)

2.10 The Other Knee (Phalaenopsis)

2.11 Intricate Lines (Phalaenopsis)

2.12 Abstract (Phalaenopsis)

2.13 By Inclination (Phalaenopsis)


3.1 Figure in the Marble (Dendrobium)

3.2 Jewelled Scimitar (Dendrobium)

3.3 The Shard (Dendrobium)

3.4 Poise (Dendrobium)

3.5 The Curve (Dendrobium)

3.6 The Edge (Phalaenopsis)

3.7 Tremulous Edges (Dendrobium)

3.8 Tremulous Flame (Dendrobium)

3.9 Folds (Dendrobium)

3.10 Congregating Edges (Dendrobium)

3.11 The Dress (Dendrobium)

3.12 The Way (Dendrobium)


4.1 The Lava Flow (Dendrobium)

4.2 Spacecraft Approaching Enceladus (Phalaenopsis)

4.3 A Painted Ship Upon A Painted Ocean (Phalaenopsis)

4.4 Distant Lands (Dendrobium)

4.5 Fires on the Hillsides (Dendrobium)

4.6 Scarlet Assassin (Dendrobium)

4.7 On a Lee Shore (Phalaenopsis)

4.8 Sunrise, from Inside the Cave (Phalaenopsis)

4.9 Dawn on a Distant Hillside (Phalaenopsis)

4.10 On the Volcano’s Edge (Dendrobium)(

4.11 Desert Morning (Phalaenopsis)

4.12 Distant Horizons (Phalaenopsis)


5.1 Heat (Phalaenopsis)

5.2 A Young Star Cluster Exciting its Parent Cloud (Phalaenopsis)

5.3 Observed Enlightenment (Phalaenopsis)

5.4 Escaping from the Apocalypse (Phalaenopsis)

5.5 The Evening After the Apocalypse (Phalaenopsis)

5.6 The Gondola (Phalaenopsis)

5.7 Spark Ignition (Phalaenopsis)

5.8 Poise, in Reflection (Dendrobium)

5.9 First Light (Phalaenopsis)

5.10 Complexity (Phalaenopsis)


6.1 Cresting Wave (Dendrobium)

6.2 Glimpse of the Sea (Phalaenopsis)

6.3 Floral Engineering (Phalaenopsis)

6.4 Ambition (Palaenopsis)

6.5 The Cloud (Phalaenopsis)

6.6 Towards the Light (Phalaenopsis)

6.7 The Mace (Phalaenopsis)

6.8 The Halberd (Phalaenopsis)

6.9 In Parting (Phalaenopsis)

6.10 Assertion (Phalaenopsis)

6.11 Distressed Staff (Phalaenopsis)

6.12 Distorted Staff (Phalaenopsis)


7.1 Textured Edge (Dendrobium)

7.2 Moonlight in a Distant Snowfield (Dendrobium)

7.3 Deferred Enlightenment (Phalaenopsis)

7.4 Enticement (Phalaenopsis)

7.5 The Assassin (Dendrobium)

7.6 Pre-Mordial Tree (Dendrobium)

7.7 Into the Unknown (Phalaenopsis)

7.8 Complications (Phalaenopsis)

7.9 Bridge over the Sea; Dawn (Dendrobium)

7.10 Resting Place (Dendrobium)

7.11 Space Debris (Dendrobium)

7.12 Distant Cataclysm (Phalaenopsis)


8.1 Stillness (Phalaenopsis)

8.2 Eternal Flame (Phalaenopsis)

8.3 Motherhood (Phalaenopsis)

Scissors, Rock Paper: Phalaenopsis at High Magnification

8.4 Scissors, Rock, Paper (Phalaenopsis)

8.5 Candle in the Wind (Phalaenopsis)

8.6 Satisfaction (Phalaenopsis)

8.7 Camouflaged Petal (Phalaenopsis)

8.8 Click (Phalaenopsis)

8.9 Tremulous Edge (Phalaenopsis)

8.10 Strawberry Shard (Phalaenopsis)

8.11 Turning Point (Phalaenopsis).12.12

8.12 Retuning (Phalaenopsis)