Photography By Barrie Dale A.G.S.A

Top Ten Natural Photography

I have collected here ten images I hoped you would most like to look at. I then added a few more. Mostly, I have left you to decide what they mean. They have only general titles, and perhaps a very brief description. I have also not said how I took them.

But, if you are interested in an explanation of any image there is a link to a BLOG page.

1 Crisp Shapes

I like the crisp point, and the way the image has been broken up. There are three main elements, so it is ‘simple’. I think it is also balanced.


2 Languid Movement

The image consists of simple shapes. I like the movement, the dynamic balance, the contrast between crisp and blur.


3 Meeting of Unequals

Here again there are three simple elements, of contrasting properties. Crisp and detailed, soft with a little sharpness, and then fuzzy. I like the detail on the petal edge.


4 Lightness

We are looking here at light being reflected off petals. The image is very simple, but also strong. I like the contrast between the sharp and the soft elements. The clean colours are attractive.


5 An Ominous Threat

I found this image arresting. There is a positive sense of action. The unequal, contrasting shapes, create interest and mystery


6 Greyed Scarlet

I like the strong colours here. Colours seem to be more powerful when they have some grey in them. I like the upward movement, held in check by the pollen grains.


7. The Seat of Passion

Getting to the heart of something is always an important thing to do.


8. High-Level Adventure

I value simplicity.  This image could not be more simple. I found the contrast between the crisp shape and the indistinct shape captivating


9. An Enquiry

This image is a mystery to me; I keep on rejecting it and then returning to it. So it must have some hold on me. It is simple, and has interesting contrasts. It’s the meaning that I’m not sure of.


10. Dawn on a Distant Hillside

I hope the image and its title says all that needs to be said. (By me!). If you see something different in the image, that’s great!


11. Petal Traces

Soft, mysterious, confusing.


12. A Rustic Scene



13. Marine Fantasy


14. Out-of-this-World Adventure.

An Image from far away.


15. Sculptor’s Dilemma

The Need to be Resourceful.


16 The Power of Grass

This seems to be a very powerful Abstract. For a commentary please go to: